How to Auto Start MT4 (MetaTrader) if Windows VPS Reboots

In the event that a VPS should crash or need to be rebooted, we have pre-installed an application that allows programs to auto-start when Windows boots. 

Using this program will allow your MT4 to boot automatically when the VPS system boots up, even before you log in. This means your MT4 platform will be up and running at all times, even if the VPS or host system is rebooted. Simply follow the steps below to add one or multiple MT4 platforms to boot at startup:

1. First, open the Utilities folder on your VPS desktop.

2. Open the Startup Manager application.

3. Click the green + icon to Add Program to Startup.

4. In the popup dialog, click Browse to locate your MT4's .exe.

5. The file you need to add is called "terminal.exe", usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\[your mt4]\terminal.exe.

6. Click OK to add the .exe.

7. Confirm that terminal.exe by MetaTrader has been added to the startup list.

That's all! You can close Startup Manager without any additional steps. Next time the VPS is rebooted, your MetaTrader 4 platform will start automatically.

  • You can add as many MT4 programs to the list as you need to. 
  • You can use the Startup Manager to add and remove other programs from the list, as well. 
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