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MetaTrader 4/5 Automatic Startup Guide

Setup & Configuration
In this tutorial we will show you how to setup MetaTrader 4 Automatic Startup on your FXVM Forex VPS.

All of our FXVM VPS systems are shipped with MT4 Automatic Startup program so you don’t need to install

Let’s start by connecting to your FXVM Forex VPS:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 01

Go to root C:\ folder. You should be able to see application called StartupAdder.exe:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 02

Now start all of your MT4 terminals that you want to be
included in startup list.

After that, run StartupAdder.exe application:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 03

Enter y into program and press Enter.

StartupAdder should generate new startup.cmd file with your MT4 terminals:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 04

Before proceeding further, we will confirm that startup.cmd file is valid.

Right Click on startup.cmd file and choose Edit:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 05

This is how valid startup.cmd file looks like.

There should be generated paths to your MetaTrader 4 terminals:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 06

Right Click on startup.cmd file again and choose Copy:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 07

Go to Startup folder. It should be pinned inside Favorites:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 08

Right Click inside that folder and choose Paste

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 09

You should see startup.cmd shortcut file inside your Startup folder:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 10

Go back to root C\: folder. Inside there should be
AutoLogon folder.

Enter it and open Autologon.exe application:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 11

Enter your VPS password and click Enable:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 12

You should get confirmation that Autologon is successfully configured:

Forex VPS MT4 Startup 13

That’s all!

You can now test your startup setup by restarting FXVM VPS. It should automatically startup all of your
MetaTrader 4 terminals.