How to connect from Windows 10

In this tutorial we will show you how to connect to your VPS using Remote Desktop Program (RDP) from Windows 10.

If you are using other device/system please search our Knowledge Base to find appropriate tutorial for your system.

Windows Remote Desktop Program has been integrated into all Windows versions from XP on so you don't need to install any additional programs.

After completing payment and activating your FXVM VPS/Server you will receive an email. You need to take note of the following:

  • Your FXVM VPS/Server IP address (IP:port),
  • Username and Password.

On your Windows 10 system, let's start by clicking on the Start menu:

Windows 10 RDP 01

In the Start menu please start typing Remote Desktop Program and press [Enter]:

Windows 10 RDP 02

You should be presented with Remote Desktop Program. Now, please click on Show Options:

Windows 10 RDP 03

We will look into some settings first:

Windows 10 RDP 04

Go to Display tab. Here you can set the resolution for your RDP connection:

Windows 10 RDP 05

In the next tab, Local Resources, you can share your Clipboard (so you can Copy/Paste between your local machine and VPS):

Windows 10 RDP 06

If you click on the More, you can also share your local disk so you will have ability to copy files to/from your VPS:

Windows 10 RDP 07

Now let's go back to General tab.
We recommend to check Allow me to save credentials box so you won't need to enter your VPS password next time.
Enter your VPS IP address (IP:port) and username in the fields below you received in your email then click Connect:

Windows 10 RDP 08

You will be asked accept FXVM VPS certificate.
Please check the box for Don't ask me again for connections to this computer and click on Yes:

Windows 10 RDP 09

You should now be presented with a Windows Desktop with a gray background and FXVM logo - this is your VPS desktop:

Windows 10 RDP 12

Now you will need to install your Broker's MetaTrader 4 (or other trading platform). Please visit our Knowledge Base (KB) page for more tutorials.

If you are using RDP for the first time we also recommend to check our tutorial on how properly disconnect from your Forex VPS.

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