How to install MetaTrader 4 on FXVM Forex VPS

In this tutorial we will show you how to install MetaTrader 4 trading platform on your Forex VPS/Server.

Let's start by connecting to your FXVM Forex VPS:

Forex VPS Install MT4 01

Open Google Chrome (our recommended web browser) and go to MetaTrader 4 download website.
You can also download your broker's dedicated MT4 platform.
This varies from broker to broker. Here are some common ways you may acquire it:

  • The Broker Website - Login to your Client Area and access the file in the Downloads section.
  • Account Opening Email - You may have the email from when you opened your account. You could login into your Webmail on the VPS's Web Browser and save the MT4 setup file via a weblink or an attachment on the email.
  • Use the weblink - You may know the link for the MT4 setup file. You could copy and paste the link into your VPS's Web Browser address bar.
Forex VPS Install MT4 02

Locate MT4 download link and start downloading:

Forex VPS Install MT4 03

Open MT4 installation file:

Forex VPS Install MT4 04

Verify that Publisher is MetaQuotes Software Corp. After that - click Run:

Forex VPS Install MT4 05

Check the box to agree on MT4 license agreement and click Settings:

Forex VPS Install MT4 06

On this step you can change or leave Installation folder path and Program group (folder for shortcuts inside Start menu).
If you will want to install 2nd (or more) instances of MT4 platform, then you will have to choose different Installation folder path to something different.
For example if your first MT4 platform was installed inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader 4" then you could choose "C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader 4 02" (note 02 at the end) as your Installation folder for the second MT4.

Forex VPS Install MT4 07

After clicking Next, MT4 setup program will download newest MT4 version and install on your Forex VPS:

Forex VPS Install MT4 08

That's all!
Now your MT4 trading platform installed on FXVM Forex VPS will be running 24/7:

Forex VPS Install MT4 09